Ashoka's Nine Unknown Men

Ashoka's Nine Unknown Men

Ashoka's Nine Unknown Men

Ashoka's Nine Unknown Men

According to legends, the most powerful secret society of all times was founded by Emperor Ashoka of India in 273 BC after a bloody battle of Kalinga that took the lives of 100,000 men. He looked at the massacre of all the men and was truly disturbed. Instead of waging more wars, his priority became to integrate “rebellious” people into this secret society before adopting Buddhism.
The nine unknown men were selected and entrusted with guarding nine books of secret knowledge. The book has mysterious and powerful secret to achieve success in intelligence, scientific and technological knowledge. The books have been passed on through the centuries, updated by the secret society with past and present developments. These books were known to contain supreme knowledge, even valued secrets of anti-gravity and time travel, which could have driven mankind into the path of development and evolution.

Few of these books have been leaked and reached into wrong hands, who now have the power to destroy humanity in its entirety. Your group being the loyalist of the secret society, are on a mission to save humanity. Search these books which are hidden around the globe and safeguard them back by hiding them at a secret place unknown to the world. You have one hour before the muggers know about your missions and finish your existence in this world.

- Minimum age of participants: 10 years.

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